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Finding a fic of your OTP but the grammar and writing is really shitty.






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you know at first blush giving Samus Aran, Space Warrior high heels does seem like some Sakamoto-level sexist bullshit but think about her history

Samus has a long history of immediately grabbing onto any powerup available to her, no matter how stupid it makes her look, how it clashes with the rest of her aesthetic, or how much actual physical and psychological harm it causes her in the long run

so wherever she got those heels, it probably went something like

armsmaster: yo samus I’ve got these sick heels for you, they’ll look great when you’re out relaxing and want to look nice

samus: nah, I’ll pass

armsmaster: they’re rocket heels, though

samus: GIVE

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For some reason, teenage authors have this weird obsession with eyes. Though this is stereotypically linked to teenage girls, teenagers of any gender (and even some adults who are new to writing) can have this problem. Here are some of the main ways this problem manifests and how to avoid them.

First of all, eyes have a very distinctive look. Nobody is going to confuse them for anything else. “I thought I was looking into the deep, stormy ocean, but it turned out I was only gazing into my lover’s eyes” doesn’t happen in real life. “His eyes were as deep as the ocean and revealed his stormy temperament” might work, but actual confusion won’t. 

Eye color is not the first thing people notice when they meet each other unless one of them has rainbow sclerae or something else alien. Clothing, hair, posture, and skin all stand out more. Similarly, people will not be able to see eye color from far away since eyes are small. 

Eye color only needs to be mentioned once unless it’s plot important.

"Eye" and "eyeball" are perfectly fine words (though the second is a bit more medical sounding). They do not need to be replaced with "orb" or "sphere" or "pool." 

Comparing eyes to jewels is a cliche that comes off as amateurish. 




could u imagine

spending 200$+

opening box



i think thats crazy cool, but can you imagine how much thats worth since its obviously a manufacture error in the color. making it exclusive green

yo how many eggs did it take you to hatch that shiny 3ds




hey straight people how’s that going for you?

fine actually. how’s being intolerant of nature’s choices going for you?

it’s going real great! i don’t understand why the leaves fall off the fucking trees in the winter and it pisses me off

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