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a moment of silence for all the kids on the hogwarts express who wanted to buy something off the trolley but couldn’t because some 11 year old bought literally everything

Anonymous sent:

I have an ace/aro character who happens to be a single father but he adopted his kids. is that possible for something who is aromatic to be a father?



Aromantic means that the person does not experience romantic love. People who are aro/ace are not incapable of any sort of love- rather, (as the AVENWiki states) “simply have no instinctual need to develop connections of a romantic nature.” 

I’m bolding this, because it is very important:

Aromantic characters/people are not incapable of loving someone. Familial love and love between friends is different from romantic love. Being aromantic does not mean a character/person is not empathetic to others and cannot feel familial love and platonic friendship love.

I hope this helps you anon.

-Mod Covert



coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents


I need sleep. I’m crying I’m laughing so hard