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Anonymous sent:

England x Canada(Or America x Canada your choice) Matthews a Selike and Arthur(or Alfred) finds his skin. o3o


Alfred doesn’t go on vacation to Massachusetts planning on a summer fling, but if asked he’d have to admit he’s been hoping for some action.

That’s.. not quite what he gets with Matthew.

He meets Matthew on the brown-sand beach in front of his rented house. The other man is half-asleep and naked in the afternoon sun, and Alfred lets himself admire the stretch of pale skin before clearing his throat.

Matthew (though Alfred doesn’t learn his name until later) jumps. “Sorry!” he says, blinking a lot. “I didn’t know anyone was here, sorry, I can go-“

"Don’t worry about it," Alfred says. And because Matthew doesn’t seem body-shy and Alfred has been getting a little lonely, he adds: "Want to come back to the house for a beer?"

Matthew smiles, just a little, and Alfred feels his heart skip a beat.

~ ~ ~

One beer turns into two, one meeting  turns into ten. Alfred starts leaving the patio door open, and Matthew brings fresh redfish for supper.

Matthew is delighted with Alfred’s hard drive full of superhero movies, and Alfred starts a marathon of Marvel movies so he can watch Matthew smile; when the Hulk roars Iron Man awake at the end of The Avengers, Alfred presses his lips to Matthew’s, and Matthew threads his fingers through Alfred’s hair and pulls him closer.

~ ~ ~

That’s all before he finds Matthew’s skin on a rock just above the tide line. Arthur has told him enough stories that it only takes Alfred a few seconds to recognise the neatly folded sealskin for what it is. To recognise Matthew’s nocturnal swims and pale skin for what he is.

Alfred’d never heard of selkies on the Massachusetts coast, but there are lots of grey seals so he thinks that he really shouldn’t be too surprised.

He can’t say he’s not tempted. Matthew is awesome, happy to cuddle or roughhouse or play video games after midnight. And if Alfred took the skin, he could have all that and more - Matthew wouldn’t disappear at odd hours, would come back to New York at the end of the month and he could introduce Matthew to the wonders of X-men comics and Alfred wouldn’t have to say good-bye.

Alfred turns around and heads back to the beach house.

The sealskin shines in the sunlight.


"Say it"


"Say. It."

Fuck you, Mattie, I ain’t saying shit.

"Alfred Jones, stop being such a little bitch. Just say it. You can do it, come on, just say it."


"What? I can’t hear you."

Matthew Williams is the hockey god and can whoop my medal-less ass any day. There. Happy?”




Justin Bieber has a nice ass!! Okay? Fuck you, Matt.”

"I can’t hear you over the celebratory clink of my Canadian-exclusive beer machine!"


I think I’ve gotten these boys out of my system for now. *g*

title: tell me, can i be your honey?
author: ashley-amelie (kitana)
summary: Matthew is sure he’s going to say yes to Alfred. He’s already felt the shift in their relationship, a crossing of a bridge that they can’t go back from. [direct continuation of ‘you taste like honey, honey’]
warnings: more amecan stoned sex, yeah buddy.

also on AO3


Matthew is sure he’s going to say yes to Alfred. He really doesn’t have a choice in the matter, in a way. He’s already felt the shift in their relationship, a crossing of a bridge that they can’t go back from, cemented mostly by the mutual decision peel themselves off of the couch and head towards the shower. Followed by the decision to get in said shower together. This is the new part.

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aaaand it’s done! my love letter to amecan in the form of stoned sex. *g*

title: you taste like honey, honey
author: ashley-amelie (kitana)
summary: Matthew is much more suited to cold weather, he realizes, as he walks up the pavement leading to Alfred’s Michigan home.
warnings: stoned sex, basically what it says on the tin.

also on AO3
Matthew is much more suited to cold weather, he realizes, as he walks up the pavement leading to Alfred’s Michigan home. He’s barely left the confines of his air-conditioned vehicle, yet he can already feel sweat prickling across the back of his neck and along his hairline. He prefers to spend his time in the parts of his country where the summer highs barely climb upward of 25 degrees, so he finds that his usual attire of jeans and a tee here — where the temperature is riding nicely at 32 degrees — to be much too warm.

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if you were a twin in ancient rome they would name the firstborn and then name the secondborn after the firstborn


if your older twin’s name was geminus, your name would be anti-geminus

that is the equivalent of naming your children steve and not steve