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A little Code Geass Drabble to kill my writers block! :3c Really small, but I have a couple of things that need updating and I can’t find the will the update them, so you get this. Suzalulu (SuzakuxLelouch) based at the end of the first season. Hope you enjoy~

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"You’re so selfish


Right so guys, nobody out there, I finally made a sequel to the original Of Pain and Happiness here.

In case you guys don’t know, the first one is in Lelouch’s POV in which he has a crush on Suzaku and… well, Suzaku dates Euphemia and have this engagement thing and… well, angst.

The sequel…

Anonymous sent:

sweats i'm the heartache anon and i don't mean to sound ungrateful (your fill was still beautiful of course) but yeah i was indeed hoping for a happy one;;; aaaa yeah i'll.... leave you alone now.


oh sweetie I was worried that was the case…I should have just posted both right away! I never know, I’m sorry…some people don’t like fluffy fics, but I should have known, I’m so dumb! here you go. :)

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How To Be A Perfect Girlfr- ahem, BOYFRIEND


Right, to all the non-existent followers of mine, I have a new fanfiction up for the Code Geass fandom (again, when am I gonna start Avengers and continue my Naruto one?)

How To Be A Perfect Girlfr- ahem, BOYFRIEND

The prologue is up, and it seems like it is generally a not much plot multi-chapter thing with main characters without backstories… which is practically breaking all of my unwritten law of writing. Plus, it’s fluff, and I don’t do fluff, never have. Well, I’m just experimenting, and under the anonymity of the Internet, I presume I am safe. 

Summary: In an AU, where there is no rebellion or Zero, Lelouch and Suzaku are best friends living in an absolutely peaceful world. Also, they’ve been dating for a month now. Everything was perfect, absolutely marvellous, until Lelouch stumbled upon an Internet article.