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A little Code Geass Drabble to kill my writers block! :3c Really small, but I have a couple of things that need updating and I can’t find the will the update them, so you get this. Suzalulu (SuzakuxLelouch) based at the end of the first season. Hope you enjoy~

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"You’re so selfish


Right so guys, nobody out there, I finally made a sequel to the original Of Pain and Happiness here.

In case you guys don’t know, the first one is in Lelouch’s POV in which he has a crush on Suzaku and… well, Suzaku dates Euphemia and have this engagement thing and… well, angst.

The sequel…

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sweats i'm the heartache anon and i don't mean to sound ungrateful (your fill was still beautiful of course) but yeah i was indeed hoping for a happy one;;; aaaa yeah i'll.... leave you alone now.


oh sweetie I was worried that was the case…I should have just posted both right away! I never know, I’m sorry…some people don’t like fluffy fics, but I should have known, I’m so dumb! here you go. :)

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How To Be A Perfect Girlfr- ahem, BOYFRIEND


Right, to all the non-existent followers of mine, I have a new fanfiction up for the Code Geass fandom (again, when am I gonna start Avengers and continue my Naruto one?)

How To Be A Perfect Girlfr- ahem, BOYFRIEND

The prologue is up, and it seems like it is generally a not much plot multi-chapter thing with main characters without backstories… which is practically breaking all of my unwritten law of writing. Plus, it’s fluff, and I don’t do fluff, never have. Well, I’m just experimenting, and under the anonymity of the Internet, I presume I am safe. 

Summary: In an AU, where there is no rebellion or Zero, Lelouch and Suzaku are best friends living in an absolutely peaceful world. Also, they’ve been dating for a month now. Everything was perfect, absolutely marvellous, until Lelouch stumbled upon an Internet article.

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suzalulu "ever wonder if the world would be better off without you...?"


(for this)

“Hey, Lelouch?” Suzaku asked, idly fingering the gold stitching on the Ashford uniform’s collar, rubbing his thumb over the insignia like a worry stone. He could look out across the courtyard from the balcony they were sitting on, over Ashford’s high fence and across the street to the university where the Lancelot and his duties waited, where his only hope for redemption called out to him. “Ever wonder if the world would be better off without you?”

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Request Completed: Bride Fem!Lelouch


My good friend Kura saw my bride Chrome post (another request, in fact) and, having just posted a series of bride Lelouch drawings herself, asked me how I would draw my own version of bride Lelouch. I told her I had already turned that idea into a drawing but it was on paper and I’d lost it long ago. I was willing to redraw it… as long as she didn’t mind a genderbent Lelouch XDD

She didn’t mind so here I am.

I truly believe that male Lelouch has extravagant tastes to the point of being impractical (how much of this is influenced by gag doujins, I’m not sure). This “the grander the better” mindset, coupled with the royalty factor AND the Britannian fashion sense being what it is… I can expect female Lelouch (let’s call her Lulu for now) to show up on her wedding day looking like she has the wrong address to a Venetian masquerade. But. Just this once, allow me to further fanon-ise this already-pretty-damn-fanon wedding theme by injecting a lot of what I personally want to see on bride Lulu into her dress design.


My design is only 10% influenced by CLAMP - check out the wing motifs - so it’s not reeeeally a Code Geass-y sight, but that’s not my aim. Anyway, since she’s a princess of a highly stylised empire, I figured she’d be more runway show bride and less real-life bride, hence the bold butterfly-like silhouette with the tiered organza cape. The cape is held in place by a wing-shaped necklace and you can bet there’s a precious stone set between the wings, maybe ruby.

Her chantilly lace gloves begin just below the shoulders to compensate for the decollete bodice XD. The figure-hugging dress tapers slightly at the knee and flares out into a train at the bottom. The dress’s top half is covered in intricate beadwork (not shown optimally in sketch) spreading out in a gradation towards the bottom half. Needless to say, that whole thing is pretty darn heavy and I daresay quite a job to fold up. It would’ve been completely backless if not for the flimsy beaded motif across the small of the back. I’m not sure if her heels are platformed, but her stature’s not exactly… in want, so I guess they’re 10cm heels at most.

Her hair is put up in a simple braided updo with the veil attached to her tiara. There’s a headdress hugging the nape of her neck and coming up in two pairs of wings on either side of her head. Her cascade bouquet consists of white roses with a row of white lilies spilling down the center. Overall, everything is white white white which should look pretty decent against her black hair and purple eyes.


I expect nothing less than a super long veil on a princess. The whole length can’t fit inside this frame.

Of course, what’s a Britannian royal without their Knight of Honour? He also has to look presentable on the big day. Represent his charge the best he can as an Honoured Eleven, you know. He’d be standing within sight of her throughout every process.


Knee-high boots, various achievement medals, a decorative sword strapped to his side (because the real thing, as you’ve seen in the anime, is ginormous).



What’s that, Kura? He looks like he COULD be the groom? Naw man, if he’s the groom he’d be dressed like a royal and in my head he’d be more like…


Hmm, I kind of like his knight outfit better.


Now that all is said and done, I suddenly realised I don’t know how tag this post ahahahaha

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"Oh fuck, oh FUCK." and suzalulu! :D


Their command center was silent, but that didn’t mean that no one was there. Lelouch didn’t care anyway.

"Oh fuck."

The curse slipped out as he leaned against the door, the reality of the situation setting it.

The White Knight was Suzaku. The Knightmare had always been Suzaku. He had been screaming for the death of the Knightmare’s pilot, plotting to tear it to pieces, cursing it to the sky because it kept interfering with everything that he needed to do. He had been hoping to destroy it completely, loving the moments when it looked like it would be eliminated completely.

But it was Suzaku. All of his plans would have killed Suzaku. His best friend.

The best friend that was trying just as hard to kill him.

To kill Zero.

Lelouch reached back to fumble at the back of his helmet. He tugged the mask over his face, chucking it across the room. “Oh FUCK!”

The mask made a satisfying thunk as it hit the wall, Lelouch not caring if it cracked.

The white Knightmare was Suzaku. He had been trying to kill Suzaku.

Lelouch pressed his face into his hands, sliding down the door until he was sitting on the floor.