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199. Suzaku has naturally warm skin, while Euphemia and Lelouch do not. Because of this, when they were little, Suzaku would hold Lelouch’s hands whenever it got cold out (this habit continued when they met again in high school, though Lelouch was extremely embarrassed). When he met Euphie, he subconsciously began doing the same thing.


A little Code Geass Drabble to kill my writers block! :3c Really small, but I have a couple of things that need updating and I can’t find the will the update them, so you get this. Suzalulu (SuzakuxLelouch) based at the end of the first season. Hope you enjoy~

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"You’re so selfish


Right so guys, nobody out there, I finally made a sequel to the original Of Pain and Happiness here.

In case you guys don’t know, the first one is in Lelouch’s POV in which he has a crush on Suzaku and… well, Suzaku dates Euphemia and have this engagement thing and… well, angst.

The sequel…